Social Robots

with state-of-the-art algorithms for

social competence




Futurice Robotics designs and implements creative robotic solutions for social environments. Social Robots can act as educators, guides, receptionists, artists, translators, security guards among many other roles.

Our core services are:


  • Design Workshops

  • Fully implemented robotic services


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Our approach


Constructing socially competent robotics services for a truly engaging user-experience as science has proven.


Designing robotic services holistically using custom-built design tools.


Connecting existing IoT solutions to augment the robots intelligence with relevant data streams and analytics.


Empowering robots with state-of-the-art technologies including: Real-time sentiment analysis, Facial recognition, Multi-language TTS, Multi-language speech recognition and real-time pose detection. 

What we've done


A robot blackjack croupier for SLUSH 2017

To understand how humans react to robots we decided to teach our bot to play Blackjack and act as a croupier. It was a hit a made it to National TV. 


Our journey into Open Source robotics - The Inmoov Project

No better way to learn about robotics than to build your own robot from scratch so this is what we did. Gael Langevin has designed a beautiful humanoid robot and made it Open Source for all makers to enjoy. 


InMoov interviewed in a YLE 360 video

Finland's national public service media company YLE interviewed our InMoov robot for a 360 video about the state of robotics.

The Team


Olli Ohls, Robotics Lead

Human-Robot Interaction
Humanoid Robots

Self-taught Robotics Engineer who loves to build robots and envision the future of robotic technologies in our daily lives. 


Minja Axelsson, Designer

Human-Robot Interaction
Service Design
UX Design

Designer specializing in human-robot interaction. Has experience in service design and UX design. Brings social responsibility and ethical design into emerging technologies.


Markus Paasovaara, Senior Developer

Systems Architechture
Software Development

Experienced Software Developer who loves to experiment with human-machine interfaces. Has experience ranging from low level IoT architechtures to business critical systems with complex integrations. 

Why choose us?

Experienced and diverse talent pool that can be leveraged to create robust robotic services with integrations. 

Platform independent actor, which means we can handpick the best solutions for your needs.

Strong lean service design approach that starts from understanding clients and users needs. 

We love what we do. Passion is our driver.


Contact details

Olli Ohls, Futurice Robotics Lead

+358 (0) 503380686

Annankatu 34B, 00100 Helsinki